Following in the footsteps of our successful kickoff event at Reid Park early this month, we are hosting the second in the series of weekday night-O's, this time at the U-A campus.  We will follow the same format, which is to say, a score-O of 45 minutes duration using a mass start. It sure makes it a lot easier to do it this way.  A couple changes however.  Due to increasing day length, we will start half an hour later.  Therefore, beginner's clinic at 7:15 pm, registration at 7:30 and the mass start at 8:00.  the terrain at the university is ~50% larger than Reid Park so getting them all will be a greater challenge.  I will again set out 18 controls.  Flashlights and watches recommended.  Points per control=100.  Penalty points the same, 100 docked for each 30 seconds late in returning.  One other change, you will have the option of running as a team, and even choosing a team name if desired, however the entry fee will still be the same, $3/person.  So mark your calendars for Friday, April 29.
Directions:  The start/finish area will be located at the concrete pad on the mall closest to Old Main.  There are several "Zone 1" parking lots along Speedway on both sides between Campbell and Euclid.  Check the posted parking restrictions to be sure, but no permits should be required after 5:00 p.m.

Night Control Marker

TOC's new control markers for night-O's. Photos by Wolfsong.