It may be April Fool's Day but this is no joke.  This is planned as the first in a fun series of weekday night-O's and twilight-O's in the coming months.  For our kick-off event we will be using the beautiful new map recently created by Mark Everett which has only been used once previously.  This will be its first use after dark.

Control markers will not be your normal daytime nylon bags.  Instead we will use some pretty snazzy nighttime reflective sticks in very patriotic colors of red, white, and blue.  Wearing a headlamp will be an aid to spotting these controls.  Remember, to gain maximum benefit from your light source, it must be held at eye level to make the reflectors glow.  If you hold your light down by your hip, no glow.

This event will be run in score-O format so you will have 45 minutes to punch as many controls as you can reach.  All controls will be of equal value, 100 points each (isn't that better than 10 points each?), but if you return late you will lose 200 points per minute (100 points per half minute increment rounded up) so don't forget to wear a watch.  The order of finish will break all ties.

To add to the confusion, we will employ a mass start, but remember there will only be one punch at each control, so you may not want to follow the crowd unless you enjoy waiting in line to punch.  If you are fast of foot this may not be a problem but eluding followers may be.  Please be civil at the control sites.  No duking it out, no elbow throwing, no stepping on toes.  Just a bunch of polite orienteers, setting an example for the world to see.

Questions/comments may be directed to Wolfsong (John Maier) at wolffsongg (-at-) juno (-dot-) com.

Schedule:  The beginner's clinic starts at 6:45.  Registration opens at 7:00.  The mass start will be at 7:30.  Even if you arrive and start late you must be back 45 minutes after the mass start to avoid penalty points.

Equipment: No time will be allowed to look at your course map before start.  Bring watches and headlamps or flashlights.  There will be no water depots.

Registration:  Registration will be simplified for this event.  $3/head, members and non-members alike, and don't forget members may bring one friend for free.  There will be no team entries but you may run together if you so choose.  To print a voucher and for details and restrictions on bringing a friend for free, click here.

We are using the southwest portion of Reid Park.

From 22nd Street go north on Country Club 1/3 mile to the second or northern entrance and assemble at Ramada #17.

From Broadway go south on Country Club 2/3 mile.  Don't look for "O" signs to lead you there as there will be none.  If you end up at the zoo, you made a wrong turn.








 Event Location