Update (2/16/11):  On-line registration is now closed.  If you did not register and would like to attend, you may do so by registering at the event site on the morning of either day of the event.

Welcome to a Tucson Orienteering Club weekend in the high desert!  Leif Lundquist and Art Cantrell  will set courses for two days of O Classics at Box Canyon, February 19-20, 2011.  There will be a full set of courses from White to Blue both days.

This event will be held where the Arizona trail crosses Box Canyon Road. Leif’s Saturday courses will be shorter but set in the steeper and tougher terrain of the Santa Rita foothills. Sunday, Art will challenge you with longer courses among the rolling hills east of the road. We’ll be on the 2009 Box Canyon map using preprinted course maps and e-punching, which will allow us to provide results in real time including splits (times between controls). At the beginning of each day there will be an Orienteering clinic covering orienteering basics, maps, and compass use, with special attention given to the use of SI-cards for e-punching. They’re very easy to use, and there will also be several experienced users to assist. Rental cards (sticks) will be available.

The terrain is open with sweeping ridges from which you can see forever. Go down into the valleys and it’s a challenge to keep track of which side canyon you’re heading for. There are areas of higher hills, surrounded by fractal elevation curves that break the hillsides down into smaller and smaller re-entrants.

Saturday and Sunday courses will be on different parts of the map and using different configurations. Preliminarily distances will be as follows: Blue (6-8 km), Red (5-7 km), Green (4-5 km), Brown (3-4 km), Orange (5-6 km), Yellow (3-4 km), White (about 2-3 km). For more information about course types go to Main Course Types.

Registration: Generally directly on-site, but you can speed up the process and help the meet directors by registering on-line (now closed, please register at the event) by Monday, February 14. Notifying us ahead of time on-line speeds the on-site registration process and helps us in printing the right number of maps. On arrival, please check in at the registration desk to sign our waiver and pay the appropriate fees.  See who's already pre-registered.

Meet directors:
Saturday: Sue Wenberg, (520) 326-1322, “swdc (at) wenbergdc (dot) com” .
Sunday: Kelly Morales, (520) 399-0685, “kengman (at) aol (dot) com”

Please call or e-mail them and offer your help during the meet! The fees collected at each event only cover the costs for permits, insurance, transportation, map printing, supplies, and equipment used at the event.  They don’t cover planning, organizing, or running the event. It’s only through the generous volunteer effort of club members by which these events can happen!

Fees per day:  Members $7 per individual, $10 per team for members of any recognized orienteering club. Non-members: $12 per individual and $17 per team. $2 discount on Sunday if you also participated on Saturday. SI-card rental: $1. Compass rental: $1. Safety whistles to keep: $1. Every person, regardless of course, will be required to carry some type of safety whistle.

Maps: Pre-printed for each course, 1:10,000 (White may get a larger scale).

Schedule, Saturday/Sunday:
9:15 AM: Orienteering clinic starts.
9:30 AM: Registration opens.
10:00 AM: Courses open.
12:00 noon: Last start.
2:00 PM: Courses close.
2:00 PM: Control retrieval begins – Please volunteer with the meet director!
All runners must return to Start/Finish by 2 PM.

Check-In: To insure that all are safe, every runner, whether finished with the course or not, must check in at the Finish before leaving the meet site.

Newcomers: Go directly to the Registration. Ask for instructions and introductory information. For Orienteering clinic start times, see above.


 Directions:  From Tucson, drive east on I-10 to SR 83 (Exit 281).  Then drive south on SR 83 for 17 miles to Greaterville Road (between mileposts 42 and 41).  Turn right at Greaterville Road and drive about 3 miles to the Y-junction at the end of the asphalt pavement.  Take the right fork (Box Canyon Road) and drive about 1 mile to the event site.  It takes about an hour to get to the event site from downtown Tucson. 

Parking: There is parking space on the sides of the road but it is limited, so please car pool and park perpendicular to the road as much as possible.
View Box Canyon in a larger map

Route choice reviews: Orienteers love to talk about alternate routes and their advantages and disadvantages. If you would like to discuss your choices, there will be advanced orienteers available near the Start/Finish area.

Information for visitors: Tucson has all levels of accommodations. Historical Tucson, museums and the University of Arizona are near-by. The February weather is mostly sunny and pleasantly warm, but there can be cold or even rainy days.

Welcome to the Southwest!

Rolling Foothills of the Santa Rita Mountains

Rolling Foothills of the Santa Rita Mountains (Photo Credit: Max Suter)