September 19, 2010 -- Courses and meet direction by Mark Everett.

Update 9/12/10:  The list of registrants is now posted so that you can see who else is planning to show up.

Update 9/1/10:  Pre-register here!

I will set two sprint* orienteering courses in one of Tucson's largest city parks.   Reid Park is grassy, full of trees, picnic grounds, sports fields, an outdoor theatre, the city zoo, duck ponds, and an assortment of unusual features that make it a good place for summer orienteering (while wearing shorts).  Tucson Orienteering Club is joining other clubs across the country on this weekend in a special effort to introduce orienteering to newcomers.  This is a good time and place to recruit people you know to orienteering and help the club gain new members!

* ["Sprint" does not mean that you need to be a runner to compete.  It means a short course in an urban or park-like setting. -- Editor]

The map we will use is new, and drawn to sprint standards.  The first sprint course will be set with orienteering controls while the second will use control features where you must answer a question in lieu of punching controls.

In conjunction with National Orienteering Day and the Sprints at Reid Park, the Tucson Orienteering Club will be offering free recreational orienteering for the public and for non-member children, relatives, and friends.

Pre-registration would be greatly appreciated.  This will help us to estimate the number of maps to print, keeping costs down.  It will also help to speed up the process on meet day.  To pre-register, either pre-register online or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Wednesday Sept. 15th listing the names of entrants or at least the approximate number of people you might know of who plan to enter.




7:10 am Beginner's clinic
7:15 am Registration opens
7:30 am First starts
9:00 am Last starts
10:00 am Courses close


          Photo: Pond & Palms at Reid Park

Palms and Pond at Reid Park


 Rose Garden at Reid Park



Fees: Classic courses: $5/individual, $8/team for members of any recognized orienteering club. $10/individual, $15/team for nonmembers. Compasses rent for $1.  Safety whistles sell for $1.  Every person, all courses, all meets, must have some type of safety whistle.


Photo: The Rose Garden at Reid Park




The SW corner of Reid Park is at the intersection of E. 22nd Street and Country Club Road in Tucson (31 12 25 N, 110 55 36 W).

Our start/finish will be at shelter #17 (32 12 38 N, 110 55 31 W).  To get there, enter the park along Country Club Road at the northernmost of the two entrances (1/3 mile north of 22nd or 2/3 mile south of Broadway).  After entering the park, turn right (south) into the first large parking lot.  Shelter 17 is on the NE side across the lot from the fenced-off dog area.
 Event Location