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Beat the heat and stay close to home in our May early-O event at Greasewood Park! 
Courses: Participants will have a choice between a regular score-o (get as many points as you can within the 1 hour time limit) and a special dogbones score course! In a dogbones course the checkpoints are paired up (each pair resembles the shape of a dog bone). Once you visit one of the two checkpoints of a "bone" you must then go next to its pair checkpoint, completing the "bone". After completing a bone you may then go visit any other bone. You can visit the bones in any order you like and also start each bone from either end.
Registration: In order to hold events safely and comply with local health regulations we are requiring participants to sign up in advance for a start slot.  If you are an adult member of the Tucson or Phoenix clubs, be sure to select a course on the "Club member" portion of the race selection form to get the reduced member rate.  You can complete your Pre-Registration here. See who has already signed up here. See our COVID protocols for more information.
  • 6:30 am First time to start
  • 8:00 Last time to start
  • 9:00 Courses close

Check-In: To insure that all are safe, everyone, whether finished with the course or not, must check in formally at Start/Finish before courses close and before leaving the event site.

Fees:  The event costs are as listed in this chart.  Every person (all courses, all events) is required to carry some type of safety whistle and a compass.  Whistles can be purchased on site.

E-punch: We'll be using electronic punching instead of pin punching for this event. We've got loaners if you don't have one and also have a small number available for purchase for $36 at the event.

What to bring: A safety whistle is required, a compass, water (there is no water on the course) and any snacks you wish to consume. Bring an e-punch if you have one!

Youth participants: All participants under 18 must provide a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.  If you plan to bring a minor without their parent/guardian, then please download a copy of the Waiver and Permission to Participate form from our Documents, Guides, and Forms page (look for it under the "For Orienteers" section) and have it completed and signed by a parent/guardian before you bring it with you to the event.  For more details, see our article about the waiver form for minors.

Friend-For-Free: Members may invite one guest for free to this event.  For details and restrictions, click here.

If you will be bringing a larger group or have questions please e-mail the event directors prior to the race at cristina dot luis at gmail dot com.

Event Directors:  Melissa Trout and Cristina Luis
Course Setter:   Cristina Luis

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A fun, challenging outdoor navigation activity using map and compass, along trails, cross-country, or a combination of both.  Events are held in the wild, in city parks, anywhere outdoors.  Each event has several levels of difficulty: from a fun family walk, to a challenging cross-country hike, to a competitive running sport.

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