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... that the Tucson Orienteering Club was founded by John Maier in early 1984?

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What better way to celebrate Mother's Day than with an early morning street-o? Moms participate for free today for a fun urban run.
Map and course: Participants will be provided with a basic line map of neighborhood streets and circles marking the locations to visit. An accompanying clue sheet will indicate the number of points each location is worth and a question to answer in order to prove you've visited it. Get as many points as you can in 45 minutes!
Location: Start and finish at Linden Park (300 S Desert Ave, Tucson, AZ 85711). The course will take you through the neighborhoods bounded by Broadway, 22nd, Swan, and Alvernon. There is no parking lot for this park so please be respectful of local residents while parking your car—do not block anything even remotely resembling a driveway. Ideally, consider parking a little bit farther away (commercial lots on Broadway or school visitor lot on Columbus) and using the walk/run to the park as your warm up. 
Fees: $5 for any participant. Moms are free. A kid running with a mom is also free! (Just make sure to register the mom so we print enough maps!)
Kids: We'll also have a spatial game called Animal-O at the park for kids aged 3-7(ish). Bring your little ones and have them run around the park while you run around the neighborhood! 
Registration: Pre-registration is required in order to keep an eye on crowd size and prepare the right number of maps. Use coupon code MOM for free entry if you're a mom! See who has already signed up.
Covid safety: Please wear a mask during check-in before and after your run and any time you are unable to keep distance from other people. Do not show up if you are feeling unwell. 
  • 6:45am Check in begins
  • 7:00 First chance to start
  • 8:00 Last chance to start
  • 8:45 Everyone done!
  • Animal-O (spatial game for kids aged 3-7) available the whole time
Event Directors: Melissa Trout & Cristina Luis
Course Setters: Cristina Luis & Melissa Trout
Hospitality: Lukas Luis


A fun, challenging outdoor navigation activity using map and compass, along trails, cross-country, or a combination of both.  Events are held in the wild, in city parks, anywhere outdoors.  Each event has several levels of difficulty: from a fun family walk, to a challenging cross-country hike, to a competitive running sport.

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