May 18, 2008

Peg Davis, meet director


Many returned from their courses wondering if course setter Ludwig Hill had mistaken the 40 foot contour intervals on the map for 20 footers. He had prudently posted the percent climb for each course at the start to warn us just how steep it would be out there. It seems that designing courses for the short-of-breath just isn’t possible at 7000 feet.


The weather on Mt. Lemmon was absolutely lovely during the day, but especially during the quiet, cool night. Consider camping before the July event. Cristina Luis, newly named alternate to the US Orienteering Team, dominated the green course. Even more crushingly, she and Don Fallis had each run a 5K road race in town before coming up to take the first two places on the hardest course. Sasha Savine aimed to do the Motala, but after running the green course and halfway through the orange course, he realized that if he was going to be able to move the next day, he would have to curtail his plans of finishing all three courses. It was a quiet month for the Rickels: only two ran courses, but a bunch more of them picnicked at the start. Sadly, we had our last visit from Beckie Copeland before she and fellow Mudhen Nadine moved to Seattle. Our stock of meet directors is greatly depleted by their departure.


Thanks go out to my one loyal volunteer GeeGee Larrington with Ludwig stepping in at the tables. Much appreciation goes to my Control Retrievers: Lost with Pat, Mike and Shelley King, Pam & Paul Hoyt, Sasha Savine, Melissa Trout and Cristina Luis, Mark Lee, Ludwig Hill.


Green - 4.5 km 380 m (8%)

1F Cristina Luis 75:06

1M Don Fallis 103:26

1T Team Green 119:41

2M Sasha Savine 123:44


Orange - 4.3 km 330 m (8%)

1T Shike 174:00

2T Beauty and... 209:05

1M Mark Lee 218:10

Lost with Pat OVT

Sasha Savine DNF

Eagles DNF

Falter Guys REC

Melissa Trout REC

GeeGee Larrington REC

Jaxon Rickel REC


Yellow Course - 3.5 km 240 m (7%)

1M Jaxon Rickel 60:30

2M Michael Rule 104:23

Val Thompson REC

Ramblers REC


White Course - 2.3 km 160 m (7%)

Jodi Rickel REC

Trampin’ Around REC