June 14-15

John Maier worked like a maniac - even skipping a night’s sleep -  to get maps made and controls hung for a beautiful set of events in the cool mountains near Springerville. 


Saturday Score-O

3 hour division -

Ludwig Hill               170

Peg Davis                50


6 hour division -

Cristina Luis              280  (see map with routes: north and south)

Ron Birks                 260   (10 pt. penalty)

Martin Dimitrov         150

Beauty and ....         110


Saturday Night-O Score-O

Ron Birks                 90

Cristina Luis              70

Martin Dimitrov         50

Peg Davis                30


Sunday 2 hour Score-O

Ron Birks               130

Ludwig Hill             130

Glenn Haselfeld      100

Martin Dimitrov       90

Cristina Luis            89 (1 point penalty)

Peg Davis              89 (1 point penalty

Beauty and ....       REC


This was part of the area used for the World Rogaine Champs in 2004, but we were using a special map made in

2006 by Ludwig Hill of an aerial photo with superimposed white contour lines. This year John added roads which were a huge help, though the drainages in the area are iris-strewn paths of delight. The Score-O format allowed for both strong speedy runners to deal with forests and climb or those uninclined for inclines to stroll through clearer areas without great elevation changes.


For those who missed the event, nighttime lows for the onsite campers  were around 40 degrees.

Yum! Sadly, a lot of people missed the event.

Perhaps they were daunted by the 260 mile drive from Tucson. I can’t believe they were daunted by the event price: $15 for all the orienteering you could stand. We were happy to be joined by Martin, a temporary Phoenix summer resident from Florida. Martin, when you leave Florida for the summer, you’re supposed to move someplace that’s cooler, not hotter, than Florida.


I’d like to thank John Maier, Ron Birks, Ludwig Hill, Cristina Luis, Pete & Judy Cowgill, Martin Dinitrov, Glenn Haselfeld and me for control retrieval. Why, isn’t that everyone at the meet?

Yes, it is. As we dallied around the

start/campsite on Sunday morning, Ron Birks said “I think none of us are really up for the planned four hour event, so we should all run the two hour opotion, then come back and get assignments for control retrieval, thus enabling us to get home before dark.” And verily, we made it so.

Pretty much everybody also kindly pitched in on manning the tables, too.


Thanks, Wolfsong, for your massive efforts setting up a beautiful weekend both for orienteering and hanging with some of our favorite people in a jewel of a setting.


Peg Davis

Meet Director (but John did part of that work, too)