Come get a dose of vitamin D and enjoy fine desert orienteering in the sun!  We're planning a week+ of fast orienteering and training opportunities in the Tucson and Phoenix areas.  All events are open to everyone, from junior to superveteran!


Welcome to the SouthwestRolling Foothills of the Santa Rita Mountains Near Box Canyon (Photo by Max Suter)

Draft schedule:

Sat Feb 17 - Mon Feb 19: traditional courses/competition in the Tucson area. Likely at least two days on the famous Rt 83 maps (Kentucky Camp/Box Canyon).
    Sat pm: add't technical training
    Sun pm: presentation + group dinner
    Mon pm: mini-golf :-)

Tue, Feb 20: Low-intensity forest skills day.

Wed, Feb 21: Sprint day.

Thurs, Feb 22: Rest/adventure day (Bisbee day with min tour and street-o a possibility).

Fri, Feb 23: Compass skills and fun stuff.

Sat, Feb 24 - Sun Feb 25: Traditional courses and competition in the Phoenix area.

More details as we make decisions.  We also want to hear from you!  What would you like to do?  Email cristina <dot> luis <at> gmail <dot> com .